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The nipple/ areola is important to the overall aesthetic appearance of the breasts. The nipples are also important for breast feeding. There are several aspects to the nipple that can be improved with surgery including correction of inverted nipples, large areola and large nipple size. It is also possible to move the position of the nipple on the breast- usually upwards!

Often nipple surgery is performed at the same time as breast surgery such as enlargement, reduction, lift or a combination of these procedures. Inverted nipples and mildly inverted nipples can correct with the placement of breast implants in a breast augmentation or during a breast lift/reduction. More advanced cases of inverted nipple need some type of treatment to the shortened ducts. This can either be achieved using a surgically placed nipple piercing or a more complex procedure.

Large Areola
A large areola can tend to reduce the overall aesthetic appearance of the breast. The areola is generally made the ideal size during a breast lift/reduction as the scars required to achieve this surgery allow for a resizing of the areola. It is possible to perform an areola reduction on its own without any other breast procedure.

Large Nipple Size
Overly large nipples can be reduced. Surgery can be used to reduce the diameter or the nipple itself as well as to reduce its projection/pointiness. This would be performed on its own or in conjunction with other breast surgery.

Lift/Change Of Nipple Position
This procedure is almost always done in conjunction with a breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation mastopexy. It requires at the minimum a circular scar around the areola but often an anchor shaped scar as well to improve the overall breast shape.


Whether you are a good candidate or not really depends on your personal view of your nipple shape, size and symmetry. The other way to gauge whether you are a good candidate is to judge whether your nipples are in proportion to the rest of your breasts and importantly that they sit at the right height and ideally at the same height. This is particularly important if you like to wear a dress without a bra.

Complications are uncommon in nipple surgery though it is possible to have wound healing infection issues as is the case in any type of surgery. It is also possible to have reduced or even increased sensation post nipple surgery though this is not very common.

You will see an instant change to the shape or size of your nipples straight after surgery however it will be hard to see all of the detail as you will have some dressings on your scars. The final result is usually visible a few weeks after surgery though everything will be well on the road to being healed after around 10 days.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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