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A “tummy tuck” (abdominoplasty surgery is most commonly known), is a procedure to remove saggy skin. Excess skin around the abdomen area is most commonly caused by weight loss and pregnancy. There are also people whose body shape means they lack much definition in their stomach region.

Dr Rahdon regularly performs abdominoplasty surgery on women and men and the result of losing excess fat and skin during the procedure is that you have more definition (shape) to your body.

Methods used

Abdominoplasty is a procedure that calls for a two to three day stay in hospital. You will be under a general anaesthetic during the surgery. A long cut is made along the lower part of your stomach just above the pubic area. The excess skin is taken and then your tummy is pulled tightly. Your belly button will need to be repositioned too. Very often women will experience separation of the stomach muscles after pregnancy and Dr Rahdon can also tighten these muscles during the procedure. Dr Rahdon can also discuss with you whether light liposuction is also appropriate to help refine the final result.

Abdominoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr Rahdon performs regularly. Tummy tucks are often done alongside other procedures like breast reduction or enlargement.

Many people have concerns about the size of the scar and this will depend on the amount of excess skin you need to have removed. The sutures used to close the incision are dissolving ones, which avoids the discomfort of having them physically removed. You will notice you have a support garment on when you wake from surgery. The support garment is an essential part of the procedure and aids healing – it needs to be worn for six weeks following surgery (it can be removed to shower).


People have abdominoplasty to improve their shape and the curves of their body. This has an immediate effect on confidence and ability to enjoy life. Many people with excess stomach skin find they shy away from certain activities, like physical exercise (including swimming) and social settings. 

There can be hygiene issues associated with excess stomach skin and this can also lead to uncomfortable skin rashes. 

There are two scars when you have abdominoplasty – around your belly button and the other from one side of your lower abdomen to the other. Dr Rahdon will advise you on the length of scar you will have during your consultation because the scar size will depend on how much skin needs to be removed. You will get complimentary laser scar revision as part of your body Recon surgical package. Laser scar revision can aid skin healing and help reduce the appearance of scarring from the surgery.

You’ll spend two days in hospital immediately following the surgery. This stay will most likely be at Geelong’s St John of God Hospital where Dr Rahdon does most of his procedures. It is completely normal after a tummy tuck to have some discomfort around the suture line and some general abdominal pain. The pain will be a little stronger if you have also had your abdominal muscles tightened. The staff at the hospital will administer appropriate painkillers to keep you comfortable. You’ll be prescribed painkillers to take when you go home too.

A vital part of the recovery process is the support garment, which must be worn for six weeks. The garment helps to reduce swelling and speed up your recovery. You’ll need at least a few weeks off work after surgery, depending on your occupation and industry. Most people return to work two to three weeks post-surgery. You can do light exercise like walking after your first post-procedure review but you must avoid heavy exercise like the gym, weights and competitive sports until Dr Rahdon has done your six-week review.

Dr Rahdon will discuss the risks and possible complications of this surgery during your initial consultation. In addition, you will receive an information pack on abdominoplasty and this explains in detail all the possible complications. An understanding of this is part of the consent process should you decide to proceed with the surgery.

Dr Rahdon has performed abdominoplasty many times and would never agree to perform any cosmetic procedure on a client unless he felt the benefits significantly outweighed the risks.

You will instantly see results. Your shape and contour will be improved and as your body heals these will improve too. Scars can take up to two years to mature. Initially they will be red and then slowly fade. Everyone’s skin is different and scars will vary in appearance. Our clinic offers complimentary laser treatment to your scars and this will aid the healing process.

A consultation with Dr Rahdon is $260 and lasts 45 minutes. You must have a referral from your GP before you see Dr Rahdon, as abdominoplasty is a procedure that will attract item numbers. You will get a rebate of $95.10 on your initial consultation and a portion of your surgery costs will be covered on your private insurance, should consultation with one of our cosmetic nurse specialists. This consultation is a great opportunity for people who want to find out more about a particular cosmetic procedure.

You will be asked to complete a registration form for the clinic and detail your medical history. Dr Rahdon will generally spend 45 minutes with you discussing the procedure/s you would most benefit from as well as answering any specific questions you may have. Photographs will be taken and you will receive an information pack. We always advise that you find out some information about the procedure you are interested in before meeting with Dr Rahdon.

For larger procedures like tummy tucks you usually need a second consultation. This ensures that you are as informed as possible in anticipation of your surgery. You will need to be fitted for a support garment at Chez Ma Belle Lingerie, in Yarra Street Geelong. You need to bring your support garment with you on the day of your surgery. This will be fitted on you while you are under anaesthetic and you will receive strict instructions on how you wear it post-surgery.

When you arrive at St John of God Hospital there will be some paperwork to fill out. Then you will be taken to your own private room where you will meet with your surgical staff – including Dr Rahdon. Nurses will monitor you (blood pressure etc.) and then it will be time for your surgery. The operation usually takes around 2/12 to 3 hours and afterwards you will be monitored for a few hours in the recovery room.
You will need a family member or friend to take you home and care for you following surgery. You will be given pain relief at our surgery centre and then given detailed instructions on how to take the remaining medication at home. One of our cosmetic nurse specialists will call you at home a day after the surgery. You must also not shower for 48 hours post-procedure.

Revision surgery is uncommon after a tummy tuck. Dr Rahdon is removing your own tissue and nothing foreign is being added to your body. However if you gain significant weight in the months or years after your surgery or have another pregnancy then it’s possible you may need further surgery.

Dr Rahdon has an excellent reputation and we have a number of clients who travel from outside Geelong to see him. You will need to return to see Dr Rahdon for your review appointments at two weeks, six weeks and three months. We are always happy to see our clients at any other time so feel welcome to book additional appointments.

There are three costs that you will incur – surgical, anaesthetic and hospital. It is possible that your surgery may be rebated by your private health fund if it is for medical reasons.
As part of your initial consultation you will be provided with a written estimate of the fees involved with the procedure.

Your surgical and anaesthetist fee is payable three weeks before to surgery. The hospital fee and any medications you are sent home with will be paid on the day of your surgery to the hospital.

  1. Dr Rahdon is highly skilled and knowledgeable in abdominoplasty and performs many of these procedures each year.
  2. We are able to offer you the best post-operative care with on-call nursing follow-up and regular reviews with Dr Rahdon to ensure you are completely happy with your surgery.
  3. Laser scar revision at Body Recon Clinic is complimentary as part of your surgery package.
  4. If you need revision surgery we can provide it – this is not an option if you have your cosmetic surgery overseas. It may seem like a great deal to have your cosmetic procedures done overseas – cheaper and with a holiday too – but should you have complications you will need to consult an Australian-based surgeon anyway.
  5. Body Recon uses the most up-to date technology and surgical methods.

This procedure will only be performed on candidates who have a BMI at 28 or below.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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