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Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetric breast development is relatively common in women, ranging from minor differences between the breasts, to significant shape abnormalities. The most common of these is known as tuberous breasts (also known as tubular breasts, or constricted breasts).

Correcting breast asymmetry not only improves the appearance of your breasts, but it can also provide a boost to self-esteem and confidence.

Slight differences in breast size are common and are not a concern for most women, however major size or shape differences between the two breasts can be more problematic. Apart from practical issues such as fitting of bras and clothing, these conditions may be embarrassing and socially difficult for women.

Tuberous Breasts

In this condition the breasts are often very different to each other and develop in an abnormal shape- often narrow on the chest with a long, thin, tube-like shape. In addition, the areolar (the pigmented circle around the nipple) may be enlarged in diameter and the breast may be droopy. Often the two breasts are affected differently, with one commonly much larger and droopier than the other. The range of deformity can vary from very mild to severe. In fact, one breast may be normal while the other is affected.

Women with this condition are often self-conscious and embarrassed about showing their breasts to others.


Dramatic improvements in the shape, size and symmetry of the breasts are usually possible. Dr Rahdon will carefully analyse the deformity and, with detailed discussions, devise a surgical plan to give the best possible and desired outcome. This will depend on the desired final breast size, and the pre-existing breast size, shape and asymmetry.

The type of surgery really depends on what result you wish to achieve, with the option of either making the smaller breast bigger or the bigger breast smaller to match the other, or indeed both breasts bigger. Obviously each case is individual so you will need to contact us for a consultation to find what is involved with this sort of surgery.

With tuberous breast, there are often significant differences between the two breasts and a major aim of surgery is to achieve better symmetry. This usually requires different surgery on each breast, and may involve combinations of various procedures, including:

  • Asymmetrical breast enlargement breast augmentation on one side only, or both sides using different sized breast implants
  • Breast reduction to make the bigger breast smaller to match the smaller breast
  • Breast lift (“mastopexy”) to correct droopy breasts and place the nipples at the correct position
  • Areolar size reduction

The most common way to correct tubular breasts is through breast augmentation. This treatment typically involves enlarging and widening the base of the breast with a breast implant, lowering the inframammary crease, reducing the bulging of the nipple and areola and doing a breast lift “mastoplexy” if required.

Dr. Rahdon will discuss your options and recommend the best procedure for you during your preoperative consultations. Careful planning is always necessary and usually requires at least two preoperative consultations.

Not everyone is suitable for a breast asymmetry correction. Suitability is a matter for you and Dr Rahdon to discuss during your consultation. Certainly you will need to be in good general health and within a healthy weight range. If you are suitable, Dr Rahdon will discuss with you the options available and decide on the most appropriate method of surgery for you. With breast asymmetry this can vary for each individual.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and length of surgery is dependent on the severity and type of asymmetry. The operation is usually performed at St John of God Hospital, Geelong and an overnight stay in hospital is sometimes required.

After the surgery you will wake up wearing a compression bra to help reduce any swelling and aid your recovery. This garment is to be worn for six weeks, after which time you can wear anything you like. Pain is minimal and can be well managed with either Endone or regular paracetamol tablets which you will be given on the day of your discharge from hospital.

The surgery visually improves the contour and shape of the breasts and reduces the nipple to be in proportion, leaving the final size and shape of the breast symmetrical and more in keeping with the rest of the body’s frame. The operation is very successful at increasing patient confidence and improving self-esteem. Patients who have had breast asymmetry correction often enjoy being able to wear clothes and swimwear that they may previously have been too embarrassed to wear.

The scar will be determined by the type of surgery you and Dr Rahdon deem most appropriate- either breast augmentation or breast reduction, in some cases both. Generally, to correct the size and shape of the nipple, there will be a circular scar around the nipple/areolar complex and either a vertical scar passing from the nipple down to the breast fold for a mastopexy or a small incision under the breast for a breast augmentation. All scars are designed to be hidden under a bra or bikini top. We offer complimentary laser scar improvement at Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic to ensure you have the very best results possible.

The operation is usually not very painful. When you wake following surgery you will have very little discomfort as Dr Rahdon uses local anaesthetic in addition to the general anaesthetic. You will be given medication to take when you go home to keep you comfortable.

Following surgery, you should wear the compression bra for six weeks. Depending on your job, you can usually return to work for light duties after two weeks. By six weeks you should be able to return to full activities including vigorous exercise.

You will notice an immediate improvement after breast asymmetry correction. There will be some bruising and swelling which may take several weeks to resolve. The scars will undergo colour and texture changes over a period of 6 months to 2 years. The laser scar revision that we offer at Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic visually improves the appearance and feel of the scars, speeding up this maturation process. The breast shape will change a little over the first 12 months and the final result can usually be judged at around one year post surgery. The results of breast asymmetry correction are long lasting provided your operation is done at an age when your breasts have stopped growing. Large changes in weight and pregnancy can lead to a change in breast size and shape and the normal age-related effects on skin elasticity can lead to the development of loose skin and a drooping of the breast tissue.

Other surgical procedures can be done at the same time. Dr Rahdon often performs a tummy tuck or rhinoplasty at the same time as a breast asymmetry correction. Other smaller procedures such as removal of moles or skin lesions may also be performed on the same day as your breast asymmetry correction.

It is recommended that you have a doctor’s referral if you are having a consult for breast asymmetry, as there are rebates from Medicare and private health insurance in some instances. You will be required to complete a registration form for the clinic and your medical history will be reviewed and assessed. Dr Rahdon will spend plenty of time with you discussing your specific concerns as well as the possible procedural options that you may benefit from. Photographs will usually be taken and you will receive an information pack. It is strongly encouraged that you learn about your procedure of interest prior to your first consultation with Dr Rahdon. As part of your initial consultation we will provide you with a written estimate of all costs and can offer you available dates for surgery.

For larger procedures you will often be encouraged to attend a second consultation. This allows time for you to consider all the information you have been given, prepare questions and conduct your own research. It also allows time for a cost estimate to be prepared and sent to you. A suitable date and time for your surgery will be organised.

Before your operation you will be requested to go to Chez Ma Belle Lingerie, in Yarra Street, Geelong, to be fitted for a support garment which is an important component of your post operative care. You need to bring this with you on the day of your surgery and it will be fitted immediately post operatively. This garment will need to be worn constantly for 48hrs following your breast asymmetry correction.

An initial consultation with Dr Rahdon is $260. You will receive a rebate from Medicare with your doctor’s referral, which is now mandatory for all cosmetic surgery procedures. We allow 45 minutes for this type of consultation. A consultation with Dr Rahdon is always required to determine suitability and decide on the breast asymmetry method and of course to have all your questions answered thoroughly.

Yes, a doctor’s referral is mandatory.

There is a small chance that breastfeeding may not be possible after this type of operation. The level of risk depends on the surgical technique used for the procedure and the initial size of your breasts. This can be discussed in detail at your consultation.

Yes, sometimes this is the case but it is uncommon and in most cases is only a short-term side effect. Loss of sensation is more common in women with extremely large breasts.

Major complications are uncommon following breast asymmetry correction. During your initial consultation Dr Rahdon will have a full discussion with you about the risks and complications of surgery. You will be given an information leaflet about your procedure which includes complications and if you decide to go ahead with surgery these risks will again be discussed as part of the consenting process. Fortunately, with correct patient selection and appropriate procedure selection, the risks are kept to an absolute minimum. Dr Rahdon will not agree to perform any cosmetic procedure unless he feels the benefits significantly outweigh the risks.

Breast asymmetry correction surgery carries the risk of potential complications that are possible for all surgeries. These include bleeding, infection, haematoma, wound complications, adverse reactions to anaesthesia and scarring. Potential risks that are specific to breast asymmetry correction surgery include altered or loss of nipple and areola sensitivity and the inability to breastfeed. With asymmetrical breasts Dr Rahdon will always aim to have your breasts as even as possible but you may still notice slight differences between breasts.

We have a significant number of patients who travel to Geelong in order to have their surgery performed by Dr Rahdon. Dr Rahdon will be able to tell you before your operation when he would like you to attend for review appointments.

With all surgical procedures there are three costs that need to be considered. These are the surgical fee, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital fee. Breast asymmetry correction may be rebateable by your health fund, which can significantly reduce the overall costs. You must obtain a GP referral for this procedure to be rebateable. The anaesthetic fee and hospital fee are dependent on the duration of the operation. Following your initial consultation you will be provided with a written estimate of the fees involved with the procedure.

Your surgical fee is required three weeks prior to surgery, as is your anaesthetic fee. The hospital fee and any medications you are sent home with will be paid on the day of your surgery to the hospital.

  1. Dr Rahdon is a highly skilled plastic surgeon and very knowledgeable and experienced in breast asymmetry correction surgery.
  2. We are able to offer you the best facilities- St John of God Day Surgery Centre has been awarded one of the best surgery centres in Australia. It also boasts some of the best personnel- nurses, theatre nurses, anaesthetists etc.
  3. We are able to offer you the best post-operative care with on-call nursing follow-up and regular reviews with Dr Rahdon to ensure you are 100% happy with your beautiful new breasts. 
  4. Post-operative laser scar revision is complimentary at Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic.
  5. We are able to provide you with revisionary surgery if required- a luxury not offered for overseas surgeries.
  6. We provide the most up to date methods and technology for breast asymmetry correction surgery.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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