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One of the most commonly performed combination of procedures at Body Recon is referred to by some patients as the “Mummy Makeover”, but it is also a suitable procedure for someone who has experienced heavy or rapid weight-loss. This procedure usually combines multiple rejuvenation procedures into one surgery, including the rejuvenation of the torso (breast and tummy), but can also extend to some facial rejuvenation as well – with some patients using the opportunity for a deep TCA Chemical Facial Peel.

During pregnancy there are significant metabolic changes and hormonal changes in the body as well as weight gain and skin stretch. This primarily affects the front part of the abdomen and the breasts. The breasts tend to enlarge significantly during pregnancy and breast feeding and unless your skin is particularly elastic there is usually some permanent stretch which leads to some breast sag/ptosis as well as some reduction in volume.

On the abdomen, even after a successful return to pre-baby weight, there can be a significant stretch of the abdominal wall and this can reduce the narrowness of the waist and lead to the abdomen looking too full or prominent. Often very slim women can be left in a situation where they may still look pregnant if they wear tight clothing which can be very distressing.

Combining breast and tummy surgery works very well as the recovery is about the same for tummy surgery alone. Most of the time, this procedure requires one or two nights in hospital. The exact operation of course will vary from person to person. Breast surgery could involve: Breast reduction This involves a reduction in the overall size of the breast, an improvement in the symmetry and a change of the shape to one more youthful and perky. Breast lift In this operation the breast volume/size is preserved but the nipple is moved to a more youthful position and the overall shape of the breast improved. Breast enlargement/augmentation In this procedure the breasts are made larger. If there is no sag and the nipple position is ideal then the breast volume can be enhanced. This is most commonly achieved with silicone breast implants but also can be achieved with fat grafting to the breast or a combination of implants and fat grafting. Augmentation Mastopexy In this operation there is a combination of breast lift as well as enlargement. Once again the enlargement can be performed with implants most commonly but also with fat grafting as an alternative. There can also be some additional enhancements such as improving the nipple shape and areola size.

The most common tummy surgery is an abdominoplasty which is known as a tummy tuck. This requires a long low scar from hip to hip and a scar around the belly button. This is a powerful reshaping procedure as it not only allows the removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen restoring a beautifully tight tummy but also allows the tightening of the stretched abdominal wall and this not only flattens the tummy but brings in the waist leading to a curvier shape to the torso. The scar is generally placed very low so it will be hidden by even the skimpiest underwear. Whilst most this procedure would usually require a normal tummy tuck, occasionally a different procedure is required such as a mini tummy tuck if the predominant problem is one of wall stretching rather than excess skin and fat. Sometimes liposuction alone is all that is needed.

Facial Rejuvenation In this younger age group subtle treatments are usually all that is required. Non-surgical options include chemical peel, laser treatments and injectables such as fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. On the surgical rejuvenation side we offer eyelid surgery, chemical peels combined with fat grafting to more permanently restore facial volume.

All of these procedures can be combined in a single hospital visit as part of the Post-Pregnancy Body Rejuvenation.


Good candidates for this procedure have issues with both their breasts and/or tummy. With regard to breasts, there may be a problem with shape, sag, size or symmetry and with the tummy area, there can be issues with a loose abdominal wall, a tummy that sticks out too far, and an excess of skin and fatty tissue. The ideal candidate for this type of surgery is close to their healthy weight. The closer you are to your healthy weight the more effective the surgery can be, i.e.: really working hard on getting the curves to the body as perfect as possible and flattening the tummy as much as possible as well. It is also possible to add finishing touches like a little lipo-sculpture to further define the abdomen.

With all surgical procedures there are three costs that need to be considered. These are the surgical fee, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital fee. Some procedures are subsidised by your health fund, reducing the overall costs. The anaesthetic fee and hospital fee are dependent on the duration of the operation. Following your initial consultation you will be provided with a written estimate of the fees involved with the procedure.

In healthy people who are non smokers, complications are uncommon with this surgical procedure. As in all surgery there is potential risk of wound or infection issues as well as issues such as slight breast asymmetry and nipple sensation changes. There is also occasionally numbness in the tummy and there can be some swelling or fluid collections for a few weeks post surgery. Most of the time all of this settles down well. The anaesthetic is usually extremely safe though there is a small risk of deep vein thrombosis and we take this risk seriously by reducing the chances with various measures.

It is best to have  this procedure after you have finished having kids, and when you are close or at your ideal weight range. People often ask whether it is possible to have another baby after a tummy tuck – the answer is definitely yes, though it may loosen your tummy tightness a little.

The final results from this procedure are usually seen at 3 to 6 months, though of course you will see an immediate improvement straight after surgery. You will be back to full exercising including core work and jogging by around 3 months following surgery but you will be able to get into selective exercises as early as 2 weeks after surgery.

Average downtime for Post-Pregnancy Body Rejuvenation is around 2-6 weeks. Usually it is best to avoid driving in the first 7-10 days . If you have had a caesarian section the timing will be similar to that. You won’t be able to do any significant heavy lifting for around 6 weeks but you will be able to be back to desk work within 2-3 weeks.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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