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Breast Augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or breast implant surgery, is one of Dr Rahdon’s most sought after procedures. He is dedicated to producing exceptional results that meet your goals: natural, in balance…. or a little more.

There are many reasons why a woman may choose to undergo breast augmentation. Breast appearance may alter with age, weight change or after pregnancy/ breastfeeding. Women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, or have experienced changes in breast appearance can achieve fuller, nicer shaped breasts with breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can help to increase or balance the size of the breasts, restore breast volume or restore the shape of the breast. It is important to understand that breast augmentation cannot correct significantly sagging or drooping breasts. In these instances a breast lift (mastopexy) is often required and may be performed in conjunction with augmentation.

Methods used

There are two ways to augment the breast: fat grafting or breast implants…. OR both.


Most commonly an implant is used (usually slilcone but occasionally saline). There are many decisions to make when considering breast implants, including the implant type/size/shape/surface type, incision placement and placement of the implant under or over the pectoralis major muscle. These decisions are best made in consultation with Dr Rahdon who will be able to discuss the pros and cons of each option and tailor a plan for each individual.

There are three common incisions used in breast augmentation. The most common is placed directly under the breast. Other options include an incision around the areola or in the armpit. Dr Rahdon is able to keep the incision as small as possible (usually around 3-5cms) by using a Kellar funnel to insert the implant.

The next decision is where to place the implant – this can be either submuscular or subglandular ie “unders” or “overs”. Submuscular placement refers to an implant that is placed mostly beneath the pectoralis muscle, against the chest wall. In contrast, subglandular placement refers to an implant that is placed beneath the breast tissue but on top of the pectoralis muscle. Dr Rahdon will help to determine the placement location that is best for you.

There are a lot of factors that influence both incision and placement location, such as the patient’s physique, physical activity, shape, scar type/placement, preference and recovery time.

Implant Options

As with methods used in breast augmentation surgery, the type of implant used will also vary with each individual. Dr Rahdon favours silicone implants that are made of a silicone rubber shell and filled with a cohesive silicone gel. There is no significant evidence to suggest that silicone implants increase your risk of breast cancer, connective tissue disorders or autoimmune disease. Modern silicone implants are generally superior to saline implants in terms of feel, shape and longevity. It is for these reasons that silicone implants represent by far the majority of implants used for breast augmentation in Australia today.

The implants available differ in shape, texture, profile, width, height and volume. The type, style and size of breast implants best for you are determined by your lifestyle, body contours, the amount of breast tissue you have, and the cup size and appearance that you would like to achieve. Dr Rahdon will spend as much time as required to determine which implant is best for you. At Body Recon we are also able to offer you a trial of fitting different implant sizes to help work out what looks and feels right for you.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is an excellent option for breast augmentation but not everyone is suitable and the increase in size will be more subtle. To be suitable for this procedure there needs to be some fat available to transfer. If this is the case then this is a great option as you have some liposuction to improve body contour as well as increase your breast size. Fat grafting may need to be performed more than once to achieve the desired size.


Some women are unhappy with the small size or the shape of their breasts. It may be that they didn’t develop a lot of breast tissue during puberty or that their breasts may have shrunk or become saggy after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. This can lead to a disproportion between breast size and shape and the rest of the body which can effect self-esteem. You may simply have always wished for bigger breasts which can enhance your femininity both in and out of clothes.

Not everyone is suitable for a breast augmentation. Following a thorough analysis of your medical history and a clinical consultation, suitability for breast augmentation will be assessed. Certainly you will need to be in good general health and within a healthy weight range. You will also need to have only a minimal amount of sag/ ptosis otherwise breast augmentation alone will not achieve good results. As a guide if you nipple sits above your fold from the side view AND your nipple points forwards or slightly upwards, you are likely to get a good result with implants alone. If the answer is no to either of the above then you will most likely need a lift as well (augmentation mastopexy). If you have very thin, stretched skin on your breasts and sag/ ptosis, then you may not be suitable for implants as the extra weight will further stretch the skin and make the sag worse.

During your consultation Dr Rahdon will discuss with you the wide choice of implants and sizes available and will recommend the most appropriate for you.

The operation is performed under a general anaesthesic and takes about 1½ hours. The operation is usually done as day surgery and Dr Rahdon does not usually use drains. After the surgery you will need to wear a compression bra to help with your recovery and reduce any swelling. This garment is to be worn for six weeks, after which time you may wear whatever you choose. Mostly there is minimal downtime but it does vary with the procedure. As a guide if you had a breast augmentation with “overs” and you had a desk job, you’d be able to be back at work in less than a week. Usually post operative pain can be well managed with medication provided to you on discharge. Most people only need Panadol after the first few days. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for the first six weeks but gym junkies don’t despair: Dr Rahdon will go through a tailored return to exercise programme which will start in the first week post surgery!

For many patients, breast size and shape has been of concern for years and most report greatly increased confidence and improved self-esteem following breast augmentation surgery.

The increase in breast size and shape change will be immediately apparent following breast augmentation, however there may be a small amount of bruising and swelling which can last several weeks. It takes a few weeks or even months to see the final shape as the breast skin needs to stretch to accommodate the implant. Generally if you’ve had babies or have less tight breasts skin before the procedure, you will see the final results more quickly. The scars will undergo a natural maturation process involving a series of colour and texture changes over a period of around six months to two years. The laser scar treatment we offer at Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic visually improves the scars’ appearance and feel.

The breast shape will change over the few months post-surgery and the final result can usually be judged at around six months. The results of a breast augmentation are long lasting provided your breast skin is good quality/ able to hold the implants and you don’t develop an overly tight capsule around your implant (capsular contracture- see below). Large fluctuations in weight and further pregnancies can lead to a change in breast size and shape and the normal age related effects on skin laxity can lead to the development of loose skin and a drooping of the breast tissue.

All breast implants will induce the formation of scar tissue around them (called a capsule) and, in some individuals, this can contract and become hard and painful and distort the shape of the breast. The rate of capsular contracture is around two percent. It is difficult to predict who will be affected by capsular contracture, at what time and to what extent. We know capsular contracture can be related to patient factors, the surface texture of the implant and operative technique. At Body Recon we use techniques to reduce capsular contracture including meticulous sterile technique, use of antibiotics, Keller funnel etc. The average breast implants tend to last well over 10 years and in many patients a lifetime. All patients who undergo breast augmentation should accept that they may require further surgery at some stage either to release scar tissue or to remove or replace the implants.

A consultation with Dr Rahdon costs $260. You are able to claim a Medicare rebate of $95.10 for all plastic surgery consultations, as a GP referral is now mandatory for all cosmetic surgery procedures. The consultation for breast augmentation generally takes about one hour. We also offer an initial complimentary consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses– this is great for patients who want to find out more about their options and to have some basic questions answered. A consultation with Dr Rahdon is always required prior to surgery to determine suitability and to decide on breast implant size, placement etc.

It is now mandatory by law to have a doctor’s referral for all cosmetic surgery procedures. This is required prior to booking a consultation. Once you have your GP referral, submit your details below and our team will contact you to answer any questions, and book a time for your consultation with our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Richard Rahdon.

You will be required to complete a registration form for the clinic and your medical history will be reviewed. For those considering cosmetic surgery, Dr Rahdon will spend plenty of time discussing specific concerns as well as your possible surgical  options. Photographs will be taken and you will receive an information pack. In order to get the most from your consultation with Dr Rahdon, it is strongly recommended that you learn a little about the procedure before you meet with him – a prior consultation with one of our cosmetic nurse specialists may be advisable. However for patients already well informed on the surgery this is not required. If you already have a date in mind for your surgery and are keen to proceed, this can be booked during your first consultation.

Dr Rahdon will write you a letter detailing the plans for surgery. This includes a quote for costs including anaesthetic and hospital fees. If you wish yo  can attend a second consultation (at no further cost). This allows time for you to consider all the information you have been given, prepare questions and conduct your own research. A suitable date and time for your surgery will be organised and your breast implants will be ordered.

Before your operation you will be requested to go to Chez Ma Belle Lingerie, in Yarra Street, Geelong, to be fitted for a support garment. If you don’t live in Geelong we can organise your bra to be delivered to us prior to your surgery. You need to bring this with you on the day of your surgery and it will be fitted immediately post-op, while you are still asleep. The support garment will need to be worn for 48hrs following your breast augmentation surgery.

Major complications are uncommon following breast augmentation. During your initial consultation Dr Rahdon will have a full discussion with you about the risks and complications of surgery. You will be given information about breast augmentation including potential complications and if you decide to go ahead with surgery these risks will be discussed again as part of the consenting process. Fortunately, with correct patient and procedure selection the risks are kept to an absolute minimum. You can be assured that Dr Rahdon will not agree to perform any cosmetic procedure unless he feels the benefits significantly outweigh any risks.

The reality is that you are in the best hands and complications are uncommon in fit, health people. If there are any complications Dr Rahdon and his staff will provide the best care. Possible complications soon after surgery include infection, bleeding, wound issues, nipple sensory changes, slight asymmetries. Further down the track there may be sag/ ptosis, ALCL, capsular contracture and implant rupture. Note, modern implants are made of a cohesive gel which means that even if the implant does rupture, it will not leak into the surrounding breast tissue.

Capsular contracture is a complication that concerns many people considering breast augmentation surgery. Capsular contracture is the hardening and contracture of the scar tissue around the implant which causes a distorted looking breast. Dr Rahdon uses the very latest techniques to assist in reducing the rate of capsular contracture.

Yes. In most cases Dr Rahdon will be happy to perform further procedures at the same time, provided these have been discussed in advance; it may be a good opportunity for excision of moles or skin lesions. It is also quite common for people to have other, more major, procedures such as rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation or abdominoplasy done at the same time as their breast surgery.

Most commonly the scar is placed in the crease under your breast but can also be in the armpit or around the edge of the nipple. Dr Rahdon will discuss the best option for you during your initial consultation. As part of your surgical package with Dr Rahdon we offer complimentary laser scar revision at Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic to assist with healing and improve the appearance of scars.

You will be advised by your anaesthetist as to fasting times. On arrival at St John of God Day Surgery Centre you will be required to fill out some paperwork. From there you will be taken to your own private room and given a gown to change into. Your anaesthetist and Dr Rahdon will meet with you before your surgery and the nursing staff will look after you. Next stop is the anaesthetic room where you will be sedated and anaesthetised before being wheeled into the operating theatre. The operation takes about 90minutes. You will wake up comfortable (thanks to the local anaesthetic administered before your surgery), on the recovery ward. You will be monitored for a couple of hours after waking and discharged home with a friend or family member to care for you. You will be given medication to take home with you and instructions on how to use it. One of our nurses will call you within 24 hours to check on you following your surgery. You must avoid showering for 48hours post-surgery. Follow the link to view one of Dr Rahdon’s Breast Augmentation surgeries.

Dr Rahdon favours a Kellar funnel insertion which allows for a very small incision to be made, in most cases no greater than 3-5 to 4 cms. This enables the implant to be inserted without being touched and reduces the risk of capsular contracture.

Dr Rahdon performs all breast augmentation surgery at accredited hospitals only. This means you have the backup of a real hospital in the unlikely event of an emergency.

St John of God Day Surgery Centre feels much more like a day spa than a hospital… so relax! Most patients are able to go home on the same day.

Some patients never require revision surgery and will enjoy their implants for a lifetime. However some women may experience a change in body shape/ breast sag as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight fluctuations and might choose to undergo revision breast surgery to accommodate for this. Other reasons for revision include capsular contracture or rupture. In other instances, patients may simply change their minds with regards to how they would like their breasts to look.

We have a large number of patients who travel to Geelong in order to have their surgery performed by Dr Rahdon. You will be reviewed by Dr Rahdon or one of his team the day after your surgery before you are able to return home. Dr Rahdon usually likes to see patients for review appointments at two weeks, six weeks and three months. An alternative follow-up plan may be arranged depending on where you are travelling from. Of course you are welcome to contact us at any time or to make an extra appointment if you have any concerns.

With all surgical procedures there are three costs that need to be considered: These are the surgical fee, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital fee. Some procedures may be rebatable by your health fund, reducing the overall costs. However, breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure and is not rebatable. The anaesthetic fee and hospital fee are dependent on the duration of the operation. Following your initial consultation you will be provided with a written estimate of the fees involved with the procedure. Dr Rahdon is very competitively priced for breast augmentation surgery. There is no fee for your follow-up appointments with Dr Rahdon.

Your surgical and anaesthetic fees are payable three weeks prior to your surgery. The hospital fee and any medications you are sent home with will be paid at the hospital on the day of your surgery

Health insurance will not subsidise your breast augmentation procedure but it is highly recommended to have insurance to assist with possible adjustments/ revision surgery in the future.

  1. Dr Rahdon is a highly skilled, fully qualified Plastic Surgeon who specialises in and performs many breast augmentation surgeries per year.
  2. We are able to offer you the best facilities – St John of God Day Surgery Centre in Geelong has been awarded one of the best surgery centres in Australia and Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic is an award winning facility.
  3. We are able to offer you the best post-operative care with with on-call nursing follow up and regular reviews with Dr Rahdon to ensure you are 100% happy with your beautiful new breasts. 
  4. Complimentary laser scar revision at the Body Recon Cosmetic Clinic.
  5. Dr Rahdon will provide revision surgery where required- a luxury not offered for surgeries performed overseas.
  6. Dr Rahdon uses the most up-to-date equipment and techniques in order to provide the best results possible.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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