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Some women experience breast sagging from previous pregnancies, breast feeding, weight loss or simply a result of the normal ageing process. A breast mastopexy (commonly known as a breast lift procedure) is an operation performed to tighten the skin of the breasts, make the breasts look and feel firmer and place the nipples in a higher, more youthful position. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and is a day procedure with no overnight stay required. There are different ways the operation can be carried out depending on a number of individual factors including the starting shape and size of the breast.

The scars vary from only a circular scar around the new nipple/areola complex, to additional scars such as a vertical scar passing from the nipple to underneath the breast. In some individuals, it is necessary to have an additional long curved scar passing in the breast fold. It is important to realise that a mastopexy procedure does not alter the size/volume of the breast, but rather its shape. The procedure can be combined with breast enlargement using an implant if an increase in breast size is also desired.


Not everyone is suitable for a mastopexy. Suitability is a matter for you and Dr. Rahdon to discuss, following a thorough analysis of your medical history and a thorough clinical consultation. You will need to be in good general health and be in a healthy weight range.

The surgery visually improves the contour and shape of the breast and places the nipple in a more youthful position leaving the final size and shape of the breast more in proportion with the rest of the body frame. The operation is very successful at increasing patient confidence and improving self esteem. Patients who have had a mastopexy enjoy being able to wear clothes and swimwear that they would have previously been too embarrassed to wear.

The operation is usually not very painful. While in hospital strong painkillers can be given to keep you comfortable. We will give you tablets to take when you go home to keep you comfortable.

Following surgery, you should wear a firm sports bra for six weeks. Depending on your job you can usually return to work for light duties after two weeks. By six weeks you should be able to return to full activities including sport.

You will notice an immediate change after a breast lift. However, there will be some bruising and swelling which may last several weeks. The scars will undergo colour and texture changes over a period usually varying from 6 months to 2 years. The breast shape will change a little over the next 12 months and the final result can usually be judged at around 1 year following surgery. The results of a breast lift are long lasting provided your operation is done at an age when your breasts have stopped growing. Large changes in weight and further pregnancies can lead to a change is breast size and shape, and the normal age related effects on skin elasticity can lead to a development of loose skin and a drooping of the breast tissue.

Complications are not common after breast lift surgery. During your initial consultation Dr. Rahdon will have a full discussion with you about the risks and complications of surgery. You will be given an information leaflet about breast Lift surgery which includes complications and if you decide to go ahead with surgery, these risks will again be discussed as part of the consenting process. Fortunately, with correct patient selection and appropriate procedure selection, the risks are kept to an absolute minimum. It is important that you should be reassured that Dr. Rahdon will not agree to perform any cosmetic procedure on you unless he feels the benefits significantly outweigh the risks.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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