Hydralase Silk
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Hydralase Silk Skin Booster


We are proud to be the first cosmetic clinic in Geelong to offer this revolutionary new skin booster treatment. Give your skin an instant boost of hydration without any injectables, using laser-assisted delivery of hyaluronic acid. 

What is Hydralase Silk?

We use a laser called Hydralase to create little micro wounds in the skin, and then we infuse in hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the natural building blocks of hydration in our skin tissues, so when your skin gets a boost, your skin will feel more hydrated, plump and silky smooth. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydralase Silk is a beneficial treatment for skin concerns such as dehydrated skin, fine lines, skin laxity, stretch marks, post acne marks.

An added benefit of Hydralase Silk is that it’s needle-free. So it’s a great Skin Booster treatment for those who don’t want to go down the injectables path. Bio-Remodelling Injections also deliver Hyaluronic acid into the skin.  With the use of a needle, we are able to deliver hydration deeper into the skin’s layers compared to Hydralase Silk, but with both options available, you can choose which treatment is most suitable for you.

Prepare your skin for more advanced laser skin rejuvenation treatments

As well as being an effective standalone treatment to improve your skin’s hydration, we also recommend Hydralase Silk to prep your skin before more advanced laser treatments, such as Fotona Fractional TwinLight or 4D Laser Skin Rejuvenation. 

Studies show that hydrated skin responds better to laser treatments compared to dehydrated skin. Advanced Fotona lasers are attracted to water molecules in the skin, so if we boost your levels of skin hydration before an advanced laser treatment, we are creating the optimum environment to achieve the best possible results from your treatment.


As with most skin booster treatments you will see better results after multiple treatments. Your dermal therapist can advise on the best plan for your skin concerns during your initial appointment.

No it’s not painful. When having a Hydralase treatment you may feel warmth within the skin, similar to sunburn. We use a cooler to help you feel more comfortable.

No, there is no downtime. There may be some redness in the skin following your treatment but this will subside over the next 24 hours.

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