Procedure: Green Toning

Skin Treatment Patient


Green Toning Before and After 3 sessions of Green Toning laser for epidermal pigmentation. The patient has achieved an improved overall skin complexion and tone. In this case we would recommend maintenance sessions once or twice a year.

Skin Treatment Patient


Before and After 2 sessions

Green Toning


Suffers from melasma. Hereditary with majority of her family been affected by the condition but made worse with UV exposure. Has several patches presenting on forehead, cheekbones and upper lip. Melasma was highly active and was getting progressively worse. Has had Green Toning laser treatments that has managed to both control the melasma and reduce …

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Green Toning


Green Toning Suffers from Melasma (cholasma) following 3 pregnancies. Melasma presenting on forehead, cheeks, upper lip. After 3 x Green Toning laser sessions we can see a visible improvement in severity of melasma. Note complexion appears clearer, fine lines are reduced and scaring is lessened.

Skin Treatment


Green Toning Melasma

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