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Early detection is the best protection against skin cancer and it is recommended that all Australians have annual skin checks. Skin cancer is curable if detected early enough. The biggest risk factors are excessive exposure to sunlight and a family history. Thanks to state-of-the-art medical technology we help you to monitor your skin with our special skin cancer screening procedure.

If you are concerned about any changes you have observed to your skin please make an appointment to see us.


Skin checks at Skin Cancer PLUS are performed by our General Practitioners who will ask questions about your lifestyle and previous sun exposure as well as previous skin cancer history. A thorough examination of your skin will be performed using a dermatoscope, which is a magnifying tool. You will be asked to undress down to your underwear to ensure your entire skin can be seen. You do not need a referral for a skin check.

Anyone with a previous history of skin cancer, excessive sun exposure or multiple (more than 10) lesions will be recommended to undergo digital Total Body Mapping.


Skin Cancer PLUS uses FotoFinder technology, the leading system for holistic skin cancer screening. Total Body Mapping captures the entire skin surface using a high-tech system to create a map of your moles and lesions. It takes photographs of your body systematically within a few minutes – head to toe and from all sides. FotoFinder technology also has a mole analysing system which can numerically score the lesion based on size, appearance, border and colour.

The special software allows us to store your photos and obtain a full evaluation of new or changed lesions instantly which ensures any changes can be assessed correctly.

Total Body Mapping will enable us to:

  • Monitor the entire skin and suspicious mole
  • Examine and analyze the skin from head to toe in minimum time 
  • Perform regular check-ups will show any changes in early stages 
Digital Dermatoscopy
In addition to Total Body Mapping, conspicuous moles are also dermatoscopically documented.  Using a special video epiluminescence microscope we create highly magnified images of your moles, which clearly show the mole structure.  This way your doctor can see if the mole is suspicious or not.  During regular check-ups even minute changes of your moles are visible.


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