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Body Recon uses Vani-T – the ultimate in professional air brush tanning. Vani-T provides the highest quality tan for your special occasion or simply- just because! 

Our tanning products and equipment at Body Recon are highly regarded in the industry as the best on the market, we are the only clinic in Victoria to have a full tanning booth with full extractors to ensure your health and comfort – gone are the days of freezing winter tan applications. 

We favour a body contour method of spray application that will have you looking and feeling your very best- our favourite “Diet” at Body Recon is a Vani-T Spray Tan, a sure fire way to have you looking healthy and lean. You also have the choice over colour intensity to create your ideal tan. 


You must not wash, bathe, swim, shower or exercise within the development time. You can swim once your tan has developed but swimming in the sea and chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading more quickly.

Yes, Vani-T Spray Tan’s main tanning agent is dihydroxyacetone, which has no known toxicity. Vani-T only works upon the uppermost layers of the skin and cannot get into the bloodstream from normal application. However, be aware that hormonal changes during pregnancy (especially during the first 3 months) may affect the development of the tan. Do not apply to the breast area if breastfeeding. We recommend that all pregnant and nursing women should seek advice from their GP if they are unsure.

Yes, our tan specialists will be able to apply your spray tan over stretch marks and scars; this is a very good way to camouflage these blemishes.

The Vani-T tan initially marks some fabrics, for example, nylon, silk, wool and polyester. However, a good soaking in water should lift the tan from the fabric. All other materials are completely safe – if the tan rubs off onto any other fabric it will simply wash out.

Using the Body Polisher ensures smoother softer skin for the tan application, resulting in an even and longer lasting tan. If you do not use a Body Polisher you will be tanning skin that is about to fall off and your tan will quickly disappear. Loofas do not conform to the body and will result in an uneven exfoliation creating a “zebra” look to the tan.

Shaving is a form of exfoliation so you should shave before the application. Shaving after will take off some of your tan, so shave before.

Yes. For the best result deodorant, makeup and moisturiser should be removed before your tan.

At Body Recon we have two solutions- a regular and dark. These can be tailored for you to achieve your ideal tan. For those wanting super dark tans, you are able to apply Vani-T mousse or lotion after your tan has developed.

Make sure you moisturise every day. 

No. Don’t worry if you look streaky as the tan dries. This is normal, you will be fine! Some parts will dry quicker than others – resist the temptation to rub it in or smooth it out. Once it is rinsed off it will be beautiful, trust us!

Vani-T is cruelty free and vegan.

At Body Recon we have a full extractor booth, so you won’t have any of the vaporized tan settling on your lungs.


  • Perform any hair removal in advance to your spray tan. Shaving can be done the morning of, waxing ideally a few days before the tan.
  • Moisturising your skin should become a ritual leading up to your tan to allow an even application.
  • Regular self-tan users should remove any visible tan build-up with Tan Detox- a home treatment in the form of pampering bath oil. After 12 hours, your skin will be perfectly prepared for a gorgeous Vani-T application.
  • If you don’t have any tan build-up, we recommend you prepare your skin by exfoliating with a Riffi Mitt and St Tropez Body Polish which will leave the skin soft, smooth and ready for a professional tan application. Pay special attention to drier areas such as elbows, knees and feet.

On the day of your tan

  • Arrive at Body Recon fresh, as if you’ve just jumped out of the shower- no perfume, no body moisturisers, no deodorant and ideally no make-up (as these can all leave a film on the skin and prevent the tan from adhering correctly.)
  • Dark, loose fitting clothes with no elastic are advised to be changed into post tan so as to make sure your spray tan does not smear or rub. Thongs are also recommended as you will be unable to wear socks post tan as well. Park nearby if it’s raining outside and bring an umbrella, as water will make the tan run or appear dotty. If it is raining make sure all skin is covered well with longer sleeves.


  • Your spray tan specialist will provide you with a disposable G-string and a hair net to change into. If you would prefer to wear your own underwear, this is fine also- however you feel comfortable.
  • Your Specialist will direct you how they would like you positioned (e.g. Arm up etc.) the application is quite a quick and simple process (allow about 15-20minutes for your treatment.) Your specialist will then dry you and allow you to change into your post tan clothing.


  • To keep your spray tan looking gorgeous for longer, you need to gently exfoliate using Body Polish every 2-3 days so that your tan will fade gradually and evenly.
  • The key to a lasting tan is hydration. Make sure you moisturise daily with either St Tropez Body Moisturiser or body butter. To re-fresh your tan and prolong your golden glow further, a touch up with St Tropez Bronzing Lotion is ideal.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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