Procedure: Pigment Lesions

Pigment Lesion Patient


Pigment Lesions before and after 1 session of IPL for superficial pigmentation

Pigment Lesion Patient


Pigment Lesions Before and After 2x sessions of Green Toning laser for solar lentigo and pigmentation on a Asian patient

Pigment Lesion Patient


Pigment Lesions Seboric Keratosis removal with Erbium Yag laser


Pigment Lesions Pigment Removal


Pigment Lesions Nevi removal- before, 2 weeks post treatment, 6 weeks post treatment. Post inflammatory redness is common post treatment and sometimes can take up to 6 months to return to normal, although most patients tend not to worry as the improvement is markedly better.

Pigment Lesions


Pigment Lesions Nevus of ota

Pigment Lesion


Pigment Lesions Pigmented lesions

Pigment Lesion


Pigment Lesions Solar lentigo

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