Procedure: Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry Patient


BREAST ASYMMETRY Breast Augmentation for slightly asymmetric breasts. 450cc L, 375cc R. The results are well proportioned, even breasts.

Breast Asymmetry Patient


BREAST ASYMMETRY Before and After- Breast Augmentation with Dr Richard Rahdon, 7 weeks post op. Dr Rahdon has corrected a very slight asymmetry using R 325cc, L 350cc, smooth round, high profile COH2 with sub muscular placement. The patients priority was having a curvy feminine shape without being overly large which is the overall result …

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Breast Asymmetry Patient


BREAST ASYMMETRY Breast Augmentation-correction of a slight asymmetry using two different sized implants. L 350cc, smooth round, moderate plus profile coh2. R 375cc, smooth round, moderate plus profile coh2. Just 6 weeks post op.

Breast Asymmetry Patient


BREAST ASYMMETRY Correction of tuberous breasts- Female mid 20’s, no children. Only 6 weeks post op. R- 450cc high round profile and L- 400cc round high profile- Subgladular (over the muscle)

Breast Asymmetry Patient


BREAST ASYMMETRY Correction of tuberous asymmetric breasts with Breast augmentation and periariola mastopexy on the right breast. L- Siltex Round Moderate Plus Profile, Cohesive gel 2, 350cc R- Siltex Round Moderate Plus Profile, Cohesive gel 2, 300cc

Breast Asymmetry Patient


BREAST ASYMMETRY Female 20′s no children. 375cc Left and 450cc Right, moderate plus profile cohesive gel implants




BREAST ASYMMETRY Slight asymmetry. Left 350cc Moderate Plus, Right 375cc Moderate Plus. Inframomory (under the breast fold) & Subglandular (in front of the muscle) the result is even natural breasts


BREAST ASYMMETRY Left 350cc, High Profile, Right 250cc Round Moderate profile (Mentor) (Results show 3 months post op)

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