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NightLase Geelong

Body Recon is proud to be the first clinic in western Victoria to offer this revolutionary laser treatment to assist with the management of snoring and sleep apnea. The NightLase treatment has been used worldwide since 2010, there has been over 10,000 patient’s undergoing Nightlase treatment and it has demonstrated significant positive results.

How do I know if NightLase is right for me?

We are pleased to be offering this treatment in conjunction with sleep therapist Rebecca Worthing (BSc, Monash University). There are many factors that play a role in snoring and sleep apnea and all clients will need to book a consultation with Rebecca to assess suitability for NightLase prior to booking a treatment package. To arrange this consultation please contact Body Recon Epworth on (03) 5280 8042.

What is NightLase and how does it work?

NightLase is a pain free laser treatment, taking only 20-45 minutes per session. Patients typically experience a warm sensation, but can eat and drink straight afterwards with no downtime required. It is performed using our medical grade SP Dynamis Pro laser using Erbium Yag 2964nm and is overseen by our medical director, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Richard Rahdon.

NightLase can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea by opening up and increasing the elasticity of the airways. The soft and hard palate and the surrounding soft tissues are treated resulting in an increased production of elastin and collagen, increasing the tone of the tissues and helping to support the airways during sleep.

What is the difference between snoring and sleep apnea?

Snoring is essentially a partial obstruction of the airway and the noise associated with snoring is due to the soft tissues of the airways vibrating against each other.

Sleep apnea is when these obstructions reduce oxygen flow so much that there are recurrent pauses in breathing where blood oxygen levels are drastically reduced, sleep is interrupted and long term health is affected.

The most common causes and contributors to snoring and sleep apnea are: airway structure, obstructions of the airway (polyps, cysts and deviated nasal septum), excess weight, loss of muscle tone in the airways, smoking, alcohol and sedative use.

There is no one cause for snoring and sleep apnea, so there is no one treatment for everyone, which is why it’s vital to have a proper assessment with our sleep therapist, Rebecca.

More detailed information can be found here…

How much does NightLase cost?

At Body Recon our treatment packages for snoring include a diagnostic sleep study, three laser treatment sessions and a follow up consultation after the final treatment.

Treatment packages for sleep apnea include a preliminary diagnostic sleep study, five laser treatments, a follow up sleep study and a follow up consultation after the final treatment.

  • Our introductory offer for a consultation is $49 (RRP $149)
  • Snoring package: $2000 (save $300);
  • Sleep apnoea package: $3300 (save $500)
  • An admin fee of 5% applies for payments with MediPlan.

Please call Body Recon Clinic Epworth to book your consultation on (03) 5280 8042.

How many treatments are required?

As a guide, we usually recommend a course of three treatments spaced 2 weeks and then 6 weeks apart for snoring and for sleep apnea we recommend a course of five treatments spaced 2 weeks and then 6 weeks apart.

When can I have this done and what do I need to do prior to booking?

Our sleep therapist Rebecca is working at Body Recon Clinic Epworth (Level 6, Epworth Hospital, Waurn Ponds) on Thursday mornings. Other appointment times are available on request- call the Epworth Clinic on (03) 5280 8042 for more details.

What other treatment options can be used for snoring or sleep apnea?

The most effective treatment for all types and severities of snoring or sleep apnea is CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) but as this involves using a mask and machine every night, it can be poorly tolerated.

In addition to laser, other treatments include surgery and specialised mouth guards, however not every treatment is effective for every patient and a consultation is required to determine suitability.

There are other devices and products such as nasal stickers, nasal sprays, cheaper mouth guards and positional devices that have also shown some benefit for patients with snoring and very mild levels of sleep apnea but again consultation is recommended to ensure suitability.

Is Laser the only way I can get assistance from Body Recon?

Rebecca can offer our patients all of the mentioned treatment options except the specialised dental mouth guard and surgery. For patients wishing to pursue these options she will provide assistance to find a dentist or ENT surgeon and will provide support throughout the treatment process.

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