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Fractional Laser Facial Resurfacing

Fractional laser is effective for the treatment of scarring, pigmentation, enlarged pores and uneven skin ageing- fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Fractional lasers fire microscopic columns of laser energy into the skin, sparing the skin between these columns and creating only a partial wound to the skin. This results in less downtime and less risk while still prompting the skin to regenerate and resurface.

The fractional laser initiates a wound healing response within the skin, increasing protein and elastin production and thus improving the overall structure of the skin. The skins clarity and complexion will improve from stimulation of cellular turnover and breakdown of pigmented lesions.

At Body Recon the fractional laser treatment is tailored especially for you – we have the ability to change pulse width, spot size and depth of the fractionated treatment. This is the same technology as seen in older systems such as Fraxel but refined by Fotona. The fractional laser that we use at Body Recon is also able to safely and effectively treat darker skins, reducing the risk of post-treatment pigmentation problems seen in non-fractional lasers.

One of the key advantages of fractional laser is that it does not remove the entire top layers of skin. Instead it heats and ablates micro-columns of skin which induces new protein production: this is the key to minimising downtime. With our fractional laser at Body Recon, the degree of downtime depends on how aggressively we decide to treat, although we find that most clients want to be able to work and carry on with their normal routine. Downtime is minimal but results are maximised.

An initial overall improvement will be seen after a fractional laser treatment and the skin will continue to improve over the following 3-4 months as the protein remodelling process takes place. Multiple sessions are usually required for optimal outcomes.

Another popular option that we offer at Body Recon is TwinLight, this provides a 3 dimensional treatment and may create even better results for different conditions.

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